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The power of algebra
at your fingertips.

Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook

for Common Core Algebra I.

Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook

for Common Core Algebra I.

The power of algebra
at your fingertips.


Discover Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook, the ultimate Common Core Algebra I resource for Algebra students and the adults who support their learning.  Designed by an Algebra I teacher in Pittsford, New York, this handbook is an excellent tool for both daily use and State Assessment preparation.  It contains just about everything that today's Algebra I students need to know - all in one place - and is truly is an Algebra student's best friend.


  • Comprehensive and easy to use.  Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook is filled with explanations and examples that cover almost everything that students need to know in Common Core Algebra I.  A detailed index and a table of contents make information quick and easy to find.  It is a useful resource that is always at the ready whenever questions arise.

  • Versatile.  Mr. Dorey’s Algebra Handbook is designed to accompany any Common Core Algebra I course which means that your students can continue to benefit from your proven instruction while having an additional resource to support their learning.   Great for daily use or for helping to prepare for state assessments.

  • Promotes and Encourages Independence.  The handbook is a terrific tool to help students develop mathematical literacy skills as they learn to read about and understand mathematics, and quickly becomes a go-to resource for students as they learn to work with algebra. 

  • Lightweight and compact.  Students can easily keep the Algebra Handbook in their backpack or math folder, with dimensions of 5.5 x 8.5", the size of a half-sheet of paper, and a weight of only 4-ounces.  A spiral binding allows the book to open flat on a desk or to be folded over when desk space is limited.

  • A great resource for students and adults alike.  The handbook is a valuable resource for support staff and paraprofessionals who support our students.  It is equally valuable for parents who want to support their child’s learning.

  • Designed and written by a New York State certified math teacher who has taught Algebra I for ten years.


Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook is designed to accompany any Common Core Algebra I course and includes the following major topics:

  • Expressions, Polynomials & Equations

  • Inequalities & Set Notation

  • Systems of Equations & Inequalities

  • Lines & Linear Functions

  • Functions & Features of Functions

  • Exponential Functions

  • Quadratic Functions, Equations & Factoring

  • Piecewise & Step Functions

  • Word Problems

  • Sequences

  • Statistics

  • Calculator Reference for TI-84 & TI-Nspire

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Suggested Uses


The uses for Mr. Dorey’s Algebra Handbook are endless. 
Here are just a few possibilities:  


Previewing Topics & Developing Mathematical Literacy

Providing students with opportunities to read about mathematics helps them to develop their own mathematical understanding while also fostering the development of mathematical literacy skills.  Asking students to read a page related to the day’s lesson is a great way to accomplish this.  You may want to, for instance, ask students to read a page about the zeroes and vertices of a function, on the day that this lesson is to be taught, as a warm-up exercise.  This can be accomplished in about the same amount of time it takes you to check the night’s homework for completion.  Afterward, ask students to take 30-seconds to share what they learned from the reading with a partner and the day’s lesson can easily and efficiently grow from these discussions.


A Reference Book to Encourage Independent Learning Behaviors


Encourage students to develop independent learning behaviors by referring them to the Algebra Handbook whenever questions arise, making your first response an inquiry as to whether they have looked in the Algebra Handbook.  More often than not, students are able to find answers to their own questions and, should any question still remain, you can provide further support at that time.


Make References to the Algebra Handbook in Class Notes

When students are writing notes in class, encourage them to write the page number from the Algebra Handbook that corresponds with the day’s topic.  This gives students a place to turn to if they need further clarification and encourages the development of solid and independent study habits.  

When state assessments approach at the end of the school year, ask students to review the pages in their Algebra Handbook to help resurface knowledge and clarify misconceptions.  Suggest that students review a set number of pages

A Preparation Tool for State Assessments


When state assessments approach at the end of the school year, ask students to review the pages in their Algebra Handbook to help resurface knowledge and clarify misconceptions.  Suggest that students review a set number of pages each night and that they seek assistance with the topics that they find challenging.  When combined with appropriate exam preparation, the results are astonishing!


Demonstrated Results
on June 2017 Regents Exam

Percent of Students Scoring at Level 5 on Regents Exam in June 2017

These scores represent two groups of students who took the New York State Regents Exam in Common Core Algebra I during the June 2017 administration. 

Each group consisted of approximately 55 students, all from the same school, who were taught using the same Algebra I program and similar instructional methods.  The key difference is that one group utilized Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook frequently as a part of their instruction while the other did not.  


The results speak for themselves – students who used Mr. Dorey’s Algebra Handbook significantly outperformed their peers. 

Jennifer T. - Algebra Student


“I like how I always have it as a resource for those times when I don’t understand a concept.  The index is very useful to help finding things.  I like that everything that we learn in Algebra is all in one place.  It’s like a little notes packet.”

David W. - Math Tutor


“I highly recommend this Algebra Handbook. It is a ‘must have’ for any student who is having difficulty grasping the subject.”       

Erin I. - Algebra Student

"I use my Algebra Handbook 3-4 times a week.  I usually use it when we learn something brand new, to review the topic.  I like how it gives examples on the topic and how easy it is to find stuff."

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