The Common Core Algebra I

student's best friend.

Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook

for Common Core Algebra I.

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Topics & Sample Pages

Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook is designed to complement any Common Core Algebra I course and includes the following major topics:

  • Expressions, Polynomials & Equations

  • Inequalities & Set Notation

  • Systems of Equations & Inequalities

  • Lines & Linear Functions

  • Functions & Features of Functions

  • Exponential Functions

  • Quadratic Functions, Equations & Factoring

  • Piecewise & Step Functions

  • Word Problems

  • Sequences

  • Statistics

  • Calculator Reference for TI-84 & TI-Nspire

Connor C. - Algebra Student

"I like that the Algebra Handbook has straight forward notes, tips and examples. "

 Paula G. - Algebra Student

“I use the Algebra Handbook when I am confused or when I am starting a new lesson to get a bit of a background.  The handbook really helps me to understand things and I use it often.”

Sample Pages

Front Cover
Table of Contents #1
Table of Contents #2
Polynomials Overview
Polynomial Operations
Polynomial Operations, Advanced
Functions, Introduction
Function Notation
Evaluating Functions
Functions, Understanding Graphs
Functions, Vertical Line Test
Function, Max & Min
Function, Zero & Vertex
Functions, Increase & Decrease
Factoring, GCF
Factoring, Diff of Squares
Radicals, Simplifying
Statistics, Box Plot & Histogram
Statistics, Data Types
TI-Nspire - Five Number Summary
TI-84 - Five Number Summary
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Polynomial Operations