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The ultimate Common Core
Algebra I resource.

Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook
for Algebra I.


David W. - Math Tutor


“I highly recommend this Algebra Handbook. It is a ‘must have’ for any student who is having difficulty grasping the subject.”       

Jennifer T. - Algebra Student


“I like how I always have it as a resource for those times when I don’t understand a concept.  The index is very useful to help finding things.  I like that everything that we learn in Algebra is all in one place.  It’s like a little notes packet.”

Erin I. - Algebra Student

"I use my Algebra Handbook 3-4 times a week.  I usually use it when we learn something brand new, to review the topic.  I like how it gives examples on the topic and how easy it is to find stuff."

Connor C. - Algebra Student

"I like that the Algebra Handbook has straight forward notes, tips and examples. "

 Paula G. - Algebra Student

“I use the Algebra Handbook when I am confused or when I am starting a new lesson to get a bit of a background.  The handbook really helps me to understand things and I use it often.”

Jessica R. - Algebra Student

"The Algebra Handbook provides you with a detailed explanation of a topic and an example to refer to.   I like that it is small and easy to carry around.  I  use it almost every day while working on my homework."

Brian P. - Algebra Student

“I find reading from the handbook at the start of class informative and helpful when learning a new idea.”

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