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Prices & Ordering Information

Individual Copies
$12.99 each (shipping included) - Available in our Online Store.

Bulk Purchases of 15+ Copies
$7.50 each (shipping included) - Available in our Online Store.

School Purchase Orders

Schools are welcome to place orders using
an official school Purchase Order.  


The Purchase Order must contain the school or district's
tax exempt number and can be submitted by mail or e-mail.

We are the sole source provider of Mr. Dorey's Algebra Handbook.
A sole source letter is available upon request. 

Mailing Address  
Dorey Publications

247 Galahad Drive 

Rochester, NY 14623

E-Mail Address

Jessica R. - Algebra Student

"The Algebra Handbook provides you with a detailed explanation of a topic and an example to refer to.   I like that it is small and easy to carry around.  I  use it almost every day while working on my homework."

Brian P. - Algebra Student

“I find reading from the handbook at the start of class informative and helpful when learning a new idea.”

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